Important Info about Next Trail Life Meeting - September 21, 2015


Our next Trail Life meeting is next Monday night, September 21, 2015, at 6:15 PM.  Here are a few important points to note about this meeting:

  1. There is an event in the gym, so we will be meeting in the education building.  Check in will be on the second floor of the education building.  Opening ceremony will be held in the cafeteria and then we will breakout into patrols and go to separate rooms for activities.
  2. We will begin collecting dues for the year at this next meeting.  Please bring your payment for $55 to cover your annual dues payment.  We can accept cash or check (made payable to Trail Life Troop MS-1031).  If you have any questions or concerns over dues payment, please see Brad Hatchett (Troopmaster) or Andy Clark (Treasurer).
  3. We will be ordering uniforms soon.  Please see the recent post about uniforms here.
  4. We are in great need of dads who are willing to help lead the boys.  We've had significant growth in the troop (particularly the Woodlands Trail Unit).  If you are able to stay for our meeting Monday night and chip in, we would be grateful for the help.  It takes a broad leadership team to make our program a success!

We look forward to seeing everyone Monday night!

Walk Worthy!