Woodlands Trail Unit Will Not Meet Monday Night (9/21/15)

We have been extremely blessed with growth in our troop since the start of summer break!  Our first meeting at the end of August gave us a good picture of our numbers and leadership needs.  After working hard on planning the last few weeks, we have discovered we do not currently have adequate trained adult leadership to provide a meaningful experience for the Woodlands Trail Unit.  As a result, the Woodlands Trail Unit (boys K5-5th Grade) will not be meeting Monday night and will not be able to resume meeting until we can get a core team of adult leaders in place to ensure the safety and protection of your children.

Navigators (6th-8th Grade) and Adventurers (9th-12th Grade) will meet as planned.

In lieu of a troop meeting, we are asking fathers who are able and willing to serve and lead the boys to come Monday night to discuss our leadership needs and form up a leadership team to facilitate the program.  We will meet at 6:30 PM in the cafeteria on the 2nd floor of the education building.

Many of you led last year and are returning to help.  For that we are incredibly grateful!  Many of you are new and have communicated to me that you are willing to help.  For that we also are grateful!

We are asking that all current leaders and all fathers who are able and willing to step up and help to come Monday night.  If you are parent to a Trailman ages 5-10 years old, we need your help!

There are many conflicts this month with fall sports and other travel activities.  If you are not able to make it Monday night, we will hold a makeup leadership meeting in the next week or so (time and date to be announced later this week).

Again, for those who are committed to helping out, Thank you!  I am convinced the Lord is going to do great things with this program, but we need men to step forward and roll up their sleeves to make this a GREAT experience for the boys!

Please email troopmaster@traillife1031.org to let us know if you can be at the meeting Monday night.