STILL NEED LEADERS - Makeup Leadership Meeting Tonight 9/29/15 @ 6:30 PM)

This is a reminder that we are having a makeup leadership planning meeting tonight at 6:30 PM. 

We made great progress last week in filling our leadership roster, but we are still short on leadership for the Woodlands Trail Unit.  We are looking for leaders to help with the Fox (5-6 yr old) and Mt. Lion Patrols (9-10 yr old).  Without adequate leadership at all levels, we will not be able to effectively deliver the program.  If you are the father of a child in this unit, WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Please plan to come tonight.  If you cannot make the meeting but are able to help, please email me and I will arrange to get with you separately to discuss our needs.

The meeting will be on the 1st Floor of the Education Building at Pear Orchard Pres, in room 127.

Please park on the Pear Orchard Rd. side of the church and enter the door that faces Pear Orchard Rd. just to the North of the Sanctuary building.  Rm 127 will be to your right as you enter the mail hallway of the education building.

Look forward to seeing you all there!