Want more information?

If you aren't quite ready to join and would like more information, fill out the form and select "Send Me More Information".  One of our leaders will email or call you to discuss any questions you may have.

If you would like to visit a troop meeting and see what we are all about, we would love to have you and your boy(s).  More information about our meetings can be found here.

What does it cost?

Each Trailman must pay national and local dues.  National dues are $26/year/trailman.  Local dues are $58/year/trailman.  Dues do not include the costs for participation in special activities (i.e., campouts, special events, etc.), or the cost of uniforms and some one-time supply purchases.  If cost is a concern for your family, the troop may be able to help find financial assistance to enable your boy(s) to participate For more information about program costs, and/or financial assistance opportunities, please email info@traillife1031.org.

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